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Height is really important

Height in today’s society is now really important. For example a small person is going for a job interview that require alot of authority in the position, now ask yourself is he or she more likely to be hired if they were a little taller? Studies have proven that smaller people find it alot more difficult to [...]

About height increasing insoles

height increasing insoles

Height increasing insoles are really super becouse they can really gain you height and gain you alot of confidence! People can get confused by the diffrent names of height increasing insoles as some people call them shoe lifts while others call the height increasing insoles. Height increasing insoles are specially designed by people who are [...]

Insoles can help prevent foot pain in later life

Insoles have been proven to reduce foot pain and even prevent problems and illness associated with foot pain in later life. 3d gel and memory foam insoles are great form maintaining your foots natural position when wearing shoes, if you foot is constantly in the wrong position or is under constant pressure this can lead to the damaging of the joints [...]

Be comfy in your favourite shoes by buying some insoles


Humans where not born with shoes on their feet. The foot is not naturally flat whereas many shoes have flat soles. Humans are not designed to have flat feet this means that picking the right insoles for your shoes is very important as the right insoles can mean comfort whilst wearing your shoes and will [...]

Insoles for comfort and well being


Insoles can be used to keep your feet warm, they can used to keep your feet comfortable in uncomfortable shoes and they can even be used to keep the wet out by using water resistant insoles for if you are jumping in puddles and don’t want to get your feet and socks wet. But did you know [...]

A healthy diet can increase your height!

fruit and vegetable variety

Studies have proven recently that a good balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables can actually increase your height by a couple of inches thanks to the nutrients. A good healthy lifestyle doesn’t just make you live longer but makes you taller, this is due to improved circulation which will pump vital blood and oxygen around your body and also helps [...]

Improve your confidence with these great inventions height increasing insoles

Confidence is important in all walks of life, height increasing insoles can boost your confidence! We all don’t like being looked down upon both metaphorically and physically. That is why being tall can really add to a person’s self esteem and confidence. But what about those of us whom are not tall? or of average or below average height? [...]

Height increasing insoles are tough things!

Height increasing insoles are designed to be strong under your body weight and durable meaning they will not effect your walking so you will not have to be worried about walking strangely or falling over in them. The insoles are made out of a light weight plastic and moulded in the shape of a heel so they stay light [...]

Welcome to shoe

Hello and thank you for reading our first ever post here on shoe a place where you can get tons of really good information about shoe lifts and height increasing insoles totally for free. Shoe lifts and height increasing insoles are great if you wish to boost and increase your height quickly and effectivly and without other people knowing.