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Do not give up

Here is just a quick post to tell you all not to give up. If you are trying to increase your height with stretching exercises and diet, the result will take a long time to start showing. But don’t give up as it will take  along time but as your posture improves you will increase your height… but remember when you [...]

How tall is tall

For some people tall is 7ft and for others tall is 6ft it all depends on your own opinion which can be affected by your own height to what height you consider tall. One hundred years ago did you know that the average height of a person was much lower than it is today, this is due [...]

Exercises to help you increase your height

Poster of exercises that will help you increase your height

Use these exercises shown above in this poster to increase your height. It is best to do the stretching exercises as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed. You can print out this poster and stick it on your wall to help you remind you of the exercises and what to [...]

Why do I need height increasing insoles and shoe lifts?

It is always good to be that little bit taller isn’t it? Now with height increasing shoe inserts you can easily increase your height with no hassle, no hard workouts or boring diet plans. Most other ways to increase your height don’t really work effectively enough and you will not see results for months and take exercise for example yo will have [...]

High intensity exercises

Recent studies and scientific evidence shows that doing high intensity training can really boost human growth hormones in the body. Hormones growth hormone is a much needed ingrediant for increasing a persons height. High intensity exercise including spiriting, weight lifting, power cycling and swimming can really boost your height and increase levels of human growth hormone in your body. As [...]

Inversion tables

Inversion tables is a great piece of exercising stretching equipment for increasing your height. Inversion tables are designed to release tension between the discs and vertebrae  in your back. Not only do inversion tables help with increasing height but they also can help with back pain and circulation. These work best if you are still naturally growing, If [...]

How to grow taller and increase height

To naturally grow taller the best ways are to eat the right foods rich in protein and vitamins, exercise regularly, and to get a good nights sleep, and you must avoid any harmful substances for example tobacco alcohol or drugs. Stretching exercises can really help when wanting to get taller such as chin ups and pull ups. These exercises work [...]

Height is really important

Height in today’s society is now really important. For example a small person is going for a job interview that require alot of authority in the position, now ask yourself is he or she more likely to be hired if they were a little taller? Studies have proven that smaller people find it alot more difficult to [...]

A healthy diet can increase your height!

fruit and vegetable variety

Studies have proven recently that a good balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables can actually increase your height by a couple of inches thanks to the nutrients. A good healthy lifestyle doesn’t just make you live longer but makes you taller, this is due to improved circulation which will pump vital blood and oxygen around your body and also helps [...]