How tall is tall

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For some people tall is 7ft and for others tall is 6ft it all depends on your own opinion which can be affected by your own height to what height you consider tall. One hundred years ago did you know that the average height of a person was much lower than it is today, this is due to better diets and the better availability of different nutrients… One hundred years ago only the rich could afford fruit. Today fruit and other foods that can help you grow taller are much more widely available and can be stored without them going off. So just exactly how tall is tall then today? Well that entirely up to you. In basket ball the average basketball players height is around 6ft 3-6 ft 4 far taller than the average normal persons height. This is because being tall in basket ball is a major advantage and  so only tall people are selected to be in teams. In western countries people the average height of someone is far greater to that of people living in third world countries because in the western world people can afford better diets and have a much healthier lifestyle. Did you know also that people can also use shoe lifts (lift kits for shoes) to increase their overall height so people think that they are much taller than they actually are? People buy shoe lifts to increase their height and the shoe lift inserts that you place in the bottom of your shoes don’t even cost that much at around £10 per pair. This way of boosting height is used by many across the world and is on of the most effective methods for increasing height. Anyway the decision of how tall is tall is actually all down to your own view, you may think someone is tall but someone else may think that same person is actually quite small…

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