How to grow taller and increase height

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To naturally grow taller the best ways are to eat the right foods rich in protein and vitamins, exercise regularly, and to get a good nights sleep, and you must avoid any harmful substances for example tobacco alcohol or drugs. Stretching exercises can really help when wanting to get taller such as chin ups and pull ups. These exercises work and stretch the back, arms, obliques and shoulders, and also they help allow the discs in your spine to respite which helps spinal compression. You may also want to do dead lifts another great exercise for increasing your height by improving your posture. Posture has a great impact on your height, by doing dead lifts you can strengthen your back and neck muscles thus supporting your head and helping with posture as posture is not just all about standing straight. Also did you know if you are still naturally growing yoga can really help with keeping your muscles subtle which can really help increase your height to its full potential. Remember to warm up before exercise to ensure you do not pull any muscles or injure yourself. By doing these exercises whilst you are still growing can make sure you can really increase your height, if you have stopped growing however their are other alternative such as height increasing insoles and shoe lifts that are great and require little effort and time to increase your height instantly.      

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