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Insoles can be used to keep your feet warm, they can used to keep your feet comfortable in uncomfortable shoes and they can even be used to keep the wet out by using water resistant insoles for if you are jumping in puddles and don’t want to get your feet and socks wet. But did you know that you can also improve your health and well being by wearing insoles too? Its true you can help a number of different foot related ailments just by wearing the correct and specially designed insoles. If you have constant foot pain or arthritis in your foot, the right insoles can help or even cure your problem some insoles can be designed to support your foot in the correct position at all the vital joint positions and pressure points. You can get insoles for arch support, 3d gel insoles and memory foam insoles that can all be used to help with foot related problems, If you have been having any trouble recently about your feet you can always go see a orthopaedic who will give you free advice on different ways to help and even cure your foot related problems. Remember surgery is not the only option but it is always best to see a professional who can advise you on your own individual situation.  

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